Pump track world champs sum up

I just got back from skiing and missed all the hype around the pump track world champs. So if you missed out on the free beers and atmosphere, here is all the video, photographs stories from this epic back yard session.

Dirt Mag sums up the night http://dirtmag.co.uk/news/category/events/hannah-wins-2009-pumptrack-worlds/sp_1235650.html


Video – http://dirtmag.co.uk/news/category/videos/dirttvpumptrack-world-championships/dirt-1235659.html


Epic slide show from www.vitalmtb.com


Lee Like bikes also has great report by Aussie Chris???


Video from Riot act

This article gives a good background about Garreth Paton backyard pt http://the-riotact.com/?p=13505


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