2010 WTB Vulpine tire and Pump tracks

Below is a out take of an 2010 WTB highlights article from bikeradar.com. Mark Weir is talking about some of his experiences riding on the Vulpine tire on his backyard pump track. I certainly agree with Mark about the speed of the 2008 Vulpine tire. It will be interesting to see how the 2010 tires go with the big outside lugs. Recently I have just got a new back Hope SS hub and DMR Backline rim which holds the tire a lot wider and gives the tire a lot more volume making the tire rail on its side a lot better.

Source: http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/wtb-2010-tyre-and-saddle-highlights-22964

Vulpine SL 1.9 Race
Designed by Slate with input from cross-country racer (and current leader of the American Pro XC Tour) Max Plaxton, the 400g Vulpine SL 1.9 Race tyre is built for speed and is one of the lightest on the market.

“I’ve used the Vulpine on my backyard pump track for the last three years,” Weir said. “It rolls like a gangster but doesn’t have the best off-camber performance.

“The Vulpine SL may look small, but it has a really good side lug profile,” he added. “The SL has a more ski-edge style side bite, which is the kind of thing you want in a fast rolling, loose-ass cross-country weenie tyre (laughs)! I think the SL has what it takes to be competitive in the cross-country light tyre market.

“We’ve tried all kinds of WTB and other brands of tyres on the pump track,” he said. “So far the Vulpine SL has been the fastest rolling.”

Weir doing laps at his Novato, California pump track


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