Pumptrack Bike for kids

I get asked a lot what are the best Kids bikes for Pumptracks for ages five to 12 or so. I recommend 16 inch wheeled bikes, there is a number of these in the New Zealand bike market.

One of the better 16 inch bikes is the specialized fuse 16″ which has a lower stand over a height and is also longer in the frame than other bikes of a similar type, which means these bikes can be ridden by kids from when they are quite young to early teens

There are a number of other Bike brands which sell 16 inch wheeled BMX bikes but usually are shorter and the frame and have higher stand over height

see ABD 180


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Cool to build some mini jumps for my friends little BMXer to progress his skills on. This involved a lot of testing and bit of goonery. So good to slap up some faces and get back on the machine. .
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